1 Week after the Tornado

Good Morning,

We first want to start off again saying our thanks to all the volunteers that have shown up to help with the recovery, to Team Rubicon for their guidance through the first days of recovery and help with accessing our immediate needs, but most important we want to say “Thank You” to our Creator for supplying for all our needs and protecting everyone out working. So far our clean up efforts have been spectacular. We are now transitioning from clean up to assessing the needs that families have. We know of right now 31 housing needs. This means that 31 families have completely lost their house. We know of another 91 families that have other needs. Starting this morning, we are sending out teams to start surveying the rest of Adairsville. The teams will be out talking with those who were hit and looking at the damage. If you would like to help, please come by the Adairsville Church of God at 9 AM any day this week to be put on a surveying team.