Reconstruction needs in Adairsville, GA

Listed below are items needed to help families repair/replace damage parts of their house. These items are needed for different locations not just one. 

24 light fixtures
Electric outlets
Electrical tape
Receptacle boxes
Switches for lights and electric
Linoleum in-lay (seconds fine)
Linoleum glue
Roofing felt
Shingles- Black
Roofing tin- aluminum 5V10 (8ft, 2ft, 14ft)
Roofing tin nails (lead head)
Shingle nails
Sheet rock 4X8 sheets
Nails, mud, sheet rock tape, trials
Roofing cement- 5 gallon buckets
OSB siding
1/2 inch plywood and decking
1/2 inch PVC piping 10 & 20 ft sticks
3/4 inch PVC piping 10 & 20 ft sticks
2 X 4X8 studs
1 X 4X8 studs
4 X 4X8 posts
2X6X12 ft boards
(2) Refrigerators
(2) ovens/stoves
10 rolls of wiring 12 2-250ft rolls
10 rolls of wiring 14 2-250ft rolls
Dozen boxes of red and yellow wire nuts
(5) 200 amp breaker box with main breaker and disconnects outside
(5) 100 amp breaker box with breakers and disconnects outside
Assortments of fittings-cut offs, stops, water valves
Windows (various signs)
Exterior doors (various signs)
#4, #6, #8 finishing nails
(5) #16 nails 50lb boxes
(5) #8 nails 50lb boxes
(12) hammers
6ft ladders
10 ft. ladders- double extensions
12 ft. ladders double extensions
(12)sledge hammers
(12)crow bars
(4) pallets of cement blocks
(60 bags) mortar mix 80 lbs
(20) water hoses 50 ft
(6) wheel barrows
(12) shovels
(12) rakes
Cleaning supplies-assorted
5 gallon buckets-cases
Mop buckets
Cleaning rags