The Body of Christ at Work

This past weekend was an incredible experience, with thousands of volunteers showing up to support the town of Adairsville. We know that we had over 2000 volunteers working in various capacities. Volunteers helped remove trees at an incredible rate. We know that we had 267 dump trucks filled and leave the affected area. That is absolutely incredible!

We will continue to do debris removal this week. Volunteers will continue to meet at Adairsville Church of God at 8:00 AM. Also, we will begin re-surveying the community to identify more specific and individual needs on houses that may not have insurance. As we move into a second phase of long-term recovery, please know that there will be a variety of needs that will arise. We will continue to keep people posted here to let them know what are various needs as we identify them . Once again thank you for all your help.

Please know that the “Body of Christ” honored Jesus in a special way this weekend. Also know that people from the outside said it was the best they had ever seen folks work together. When a national disaster relief organization says that this is the best they have ever seen and that they are going to write it up for a case study for Washington, that it is pretty impressive. It just goes to show what we can do when we work together under one name.

David Franklin