Bartow Recovery Report

Bartow Recovery Report
January 30—February 11, 2013

Bartow Recovery is a government sanctioned and recognized local Disaster Response Team in Bartow County. Our assignment, (per Bartow County Government) is to mobilize the Christian Community and others in Bartow County to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those impacted by disasters locally. This report is to clearly and concisely communicate what has been done and to serve as transparent accountability of our work.

Intermediate Response – First 12 Days
The Recovery Work –
• 467 structures assessed
• 71 roofs were temporarily covered
• 96 open jobs on structures to include moderate to major damage
• 10 structures were demolished, 5 pending
• On Saturday, February 2nd 177 chain saws and over 1200 volunteers cleared debris
• 818 Loads of debris were cleared and removed equaling over 300 tons (600,000 lbs.) of debris.
• Volunteers focused on clearing debris from roadways, residential structures, yards, covering
roofs, etc.
• Volunteers also focused on ministering to those recovering from the disaster, meeting their
physical, emotional and spiritual needs. These needs included housing, food, clothing, gift cards and etc. An example is more than 10,000 meals were served from January 30—February 11, 2013

The Recovery Volunteer Force—
• Over 3255 volunteers managed (Through Feb. 11) plus members of Team Rubicon

The Recovery Costs—
• More than $5,000 has been given out to the community
• More than $15,000 was spent on building material, supplies, tools, etc.
• Over 39,050 volunteer hours given (Averaged 12 hrs. per volunteer) at $20.00/hr per FEMA
For a total savings of $781,200.00
• Incident Management Team Costs:
Cost of saving to the State of Georgia by RUBICON is approximately $400,000

Please know that churches have done more than what is on this sheet. Many of the Adairsville churches, like Livingway Community Church, North Pointe and others, have done a tremendous amount and not all of their numbers are included in this report.

Intermediate Response— Now
Since the clearing of debris in the first phase of recovery, Bartow Recovery is presently focusing on helping individual families, especially those without insurance. Structures for each family have been re-assessed to identify needs and the best way families can be helped. The focus of the response now is repairing homes so that families can fully occupy their dwelling. A contractor has gone to each structure and made a list of materials to fix each house. Materials have been purchased through donations and are staged in a building (donated space). Volunteers come in, pick up their assignment, take the material and go do the work. When they have completed the work, they report back to us and that house is checked off. There are a number of structures like this to be completed.

Many are wondering where the people are coming from to repair these homes. Two different places are generating volunteers. One is local. We are in the process of assigning local churches to individual families. Each church can work with a person/family on a variety of needs. Second, we have volunteers coming from the outside. Places for volunteers from outside the county to stay have been given to us free. They take an assignment and complete the work. It is an incredible thing to watch all of this – where good organization and big hearts and helping hands come together to make a difference.

Doug Harris and Mike Abernathy are coordinating the intermediate response.

Long-Term Response — Future
We have a number of homes and a church that was completely destroyed. We are working diligently to make plans to rebuild. This will take a much longer time and will require a great deal of planning and financing.