Hour 6 Up Date

The Bartow Christian Disaster Response Team is at work.  We have been meeting with the government and here is what we know so that you can communicate this to your church as much as possible.  We are still in Phase I of the process. Emergency Teams are in the process of making sure that everybody is safe and secure.  In Phase II we will be able to go in and assess damage.  This should be the first thing in the morning, 1/31. We will have a report by sometime mid-day.  

We know that there was a significant amount of damage.  We know that the recovery process will be involved and long.  We are anticipating having information about what we will be doing this weekend.  We anticipate needing things like chainsaw crews, tree removal experts, garbage clean up, etc. this weekend.  We will have it organized hopefully by tomorrow, 1/31 and will communicate to you as effectively as we can.  Thanks for your heart to help minister to people.

Immediate Supply Needs:

chainsaw crews
Heavy duty Garbage Bags
gift cards for clothing (we will not take any clothing donations this year, we will only take gift cards).

David Franklin